Creation & Construction

Delivering High Quality Landscape Design & Installation Throughout Colorado

During the initial construction phase, our skilled teams pay close attention to detail—grading and contouring of soil in beds and berms, considering scale, coordinating stone, concrete and masonry of rock walls, patios, and paved pathways. All plant and construction materials that are reusable will be recycled.

Professional Landscaping In Colorado

Landscape Design

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Landscape Installation

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Our Philosophy

The Green Man of Changing Landscapes presents an elemental approach to the cycles of growth, the unity between humans, wildlife and the natural world—trees, vegetation, stone and soil. An ancient symbol, the Green Man represents the cycles of birth, death and renewal, rebirth fueled by snowmelt and the mists of spring. He breathes harmony among the elements of fire, water, earth and air, paying attention to how the winds blow, where the sun first fires up the red Pasqueflower, and how it glints on the moss rock boulders surrounding the pond. From the moment koi shimmer, awakening, beneath untidy, trembling nests of chirping finches, through the fragrant flush of summer to the last leaves of aspen quaking before they drop back to earth, returning to soil. The quietude of deep winter covers berms and beds, blanketing them in snowdrift, while the Green Man awaits the exact moment to spark the cycle anew.

Water in the thirsty climate

Selecting healthy plants for color and fragrance, opting for native and xeric plants whenever possible, we incorporate water-wise irrigation practices. With sub-surface watering options and high-tech irrigation controllers for automated systems, the self-replenishing ecosystems thrive, even in the most dry and scorching mid-summer days. 

Butterfly and wildlife gardens and high-yielding organic vegetable beds for the urban gardener can be incorporated into the overall planning scheme, seamlessly blending into the customized design. Streams, blooming water gardens, fountains and waterfalls cool the environment, attracting birds and wildlife while providing the ambient sound of water. To insure the beauty and integrity of the landscape, the company offers on-going maintenance services by skilled technicians.

Kind Words From Clients We Work With

Lightscape & Sculpture

Custom lighting stretches the twilight hours for optimum outdoor enjoyment, particularly in changing seasons and shorter daylight hours. On the bleakest winter days of dormancy, sculptural moss rock boulders, shadowy evergreens and structural plant forms stretch up through drifting snow, revealing a starkly beautiful winterscape until spring bursts back in vibrant bloom.

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